Six new build single family homes with sea views in Cala Pi 100% sold

New construction of six single-family houses with sea views in Cala Pi – We designed these six projected single-family houses with sea views in Cala Pi with an investor before Corona and they all sold despite the travel restrictions in place last year. The first object was handed over to the happy end customer last week. The other houses are in the process of being completed and will soon be handed over.

Our investor is happy and we have successfully completed our project.

Successful placement of six new detached houses with sea views in Cala Pi

There are many reasons for the successful placement and the complete sale according to plan – before the first house was even completed. Of course, people’s longing for security. For a place under the sun. After all, Mallorca real estate is considered a good investment that only knows one direction: prices are going up. Each year. Nevertheless, the speed of the placement (a volume of around 5 million euros in just around four months) surprised us. After all, none of the buyers were able to see the house in person!

Of course, we at Cala Pi Homes have successfully placed over ninety projects on Mallorca in the last five years.

But there are certainly other reasons for the sell-off during Corona:

Because the single-family houses meet the spirit of the times. Through their aesthetics, their modern cut. A total of four double bedrooms and four bathrooms offer enough space not only for the whole family but also for guests.

The buyers were completely won over by the impressive sea view, even from the ground floor.

Video from the construction site

Render of new construction family houses

New build villa Falla 12 render living room New build villa Falla 12 Render bedrooms New build villa Falla 12 Render bedroom II New build villa Falla 12 in Cala Pi - bathroom New build villa Falla 12 in Cala Pi - bathroom II

Floor plans of the single-family houses

Falla 12 cross section with pool Plan Falla 12 upper floor Plan Falla 12 ground floor

return for the investor

Of course, every investor asks himself about the return on his investment. CPH Invest offers three investment opportunities on Mallorca. Crowdfunding , the loan secured by the land register and the ” own investor ” model.

In the case of the six new single-family houses with sea views in Cala Pi, the investor opted for the “own investor” model. For this reason we do not want to publish the achieved return here. But you can see it.

If you would like to find out how you can get more out of your money by investing in Mallorca real estate, please contact our office in Frankfurt am Main. We would be happy to arrange a non-binding telephone appointment!