Finca Santanyi with pool extensively and top renovated

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Finca Santanyi with pool extensively and top renovated

Finca Santanyi with pool elaborately and top renovated with attention to detail: this finca in Santanyi with pool was lovingly renovated by us from the ground up with an eye on every detail. The pool area got a nice outdoor terrace to create enough space for loungers. The interior has been completely upgraded by an island well-known interior designer. The open kitchen-living room now offers a wonderful view over the pool and outdoor area of the entire property, which is south-facing near Caló del Moro .

The bay, called Calo Des Moro in Catalan, is certainly one of the most beautiful bays in Mallorca. TripAdvisor counts it among the 17 must-see places in Mallorca.

Cala des Moro or Calo des Moro in Santanyi in Mallorca
Cala des Moro or Calo des Moro in Santanyi on Mallorca: a bathing bay that you definitely have to visit.


This is what the finca looked like before the renovation

Finca Santanyi with pool before renovation
Finca Santanyi with pool before renovation
Finca Santanyi with pool before renovation
Finca Santanyi with pool before renovation

On-site project management

We bought the finca from the bank together with our investor . In my opinion, bank properties are a really good way to get great properties at a really reasonable price. As a former banker, I naturally have the relevant contacts to really achieve my goal. Because the negotiations with the bank in Mallorca are usually difficult and lengthy.

First of all, as with any real estate purchase on Mallorca, there is a thorough review of the land register, cadastre and Licencia de primera ocupación or certificate of occupancy. Since the finca is on suelo rústico, we have also checked the building permit. Luckily everything was perfect!

After I negotiated the purchase price with the bank and arranged the corresponding financing, nothing stood in the way of the notary appointment .

Our investor didn’t even have to come to the island for this notary appointment. He was able to check and sign all contracts in advance. The notary appointment itself was only a formality.

The next step was to apply for the building permit. Which – as anyone who has ever had anything to do with the municipality of Santanyi knows – was tedious and tedious. But it was really worth it. My colleague took over the project management on site. Supervising a construction site in Mallorca is a very important part of being able to meet deadlines.


And this is what the finca looks like today

Exterior finca in Santanyi with pool Finca in Santanyi with its own SPA Living room overlooking pool in finca in Santanyi Bathroom overlooking finca in Santanyi



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