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Newspapers throughout Germany are now reporting on our participation certificate with a forecast total return of 6.47% pa as a digital security. Here is an overview:

FAZ online edition

DEAL real estate magazine

IT financial magazine

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You too can now subscribe to this participation certificate as a digital security (blockchain) via and benefit from Mallorca real estate as an investment. For a limited time, this attractive investment is available to our existing customers for exclusive subscription. Click here for the subscription process (online).

The reason for this is that we are now collecting the maximum amount of 990,000 euros via 8pitch for the financing of our two semi-detached houses in Calle Falla 2A, which will be rented out as holiday homes in the future. The total market value of these two properties is significantly higher, namely at a bank-valued EUR 1.322 million. What is special about this emission? The participation certificates have a term of two years and bear interest at 6% pa including profit sharing 20 percent on sale.

This emission is made possible by the new legislation on the subject of digital securities and blockchain. 8pitch is an online platform that enables medium-sized companies, start-ups and developers of real estate projects to issue digital securities for financing in full service: from advice and conception to the implementation and provision of the liability umbrella. The Middle Franconian company was founded in autumn 2018 and is managed by Marius Grieseler (CEO), Marcel Lacroze (CTO) and Johannes Zeiss (CCO). 8pitch has developed the first blockchain for the capital market in Europe for the issue of digital securities.

Falla 2A as a digital security

What speaks for a cooperation of CPH Invest GmbH with 8pitch?

The German fintech 8pitch designed the first financial blockchain in Europe for tokenization, i.e. the issue of securities to potential investors, as founder and CEO Marius Grieseler explains: “We developed our own blockchain purely for the capital market, including around us completely free from existing formats such as Stellar and Ethereum. For more information, visit the website

Issuance of both private and public placements possible

A very clear advantage is that issues via 8pitch can be carried out both publicly and through private placements. The digital security issued via the “FINTCHAIN” blockchain (the so-called “token”) contains all relevant information of the financial product, such as the value of the investment, the term and the return claim and can be tailored very precisely and individually to the corresponding requirements and wishes of the customers be adjusted by CPH Invest GmbH.

Since CPH Invest has so far mainly worked with private placements , this cooperation is an obvious choice. In addition to private placements, there should also be more public offers in the future. And for this we need a reliable partner in Germany:

“We actually see the first project as the starting signal for a long-term partnership. The cooperation with the 8pitch team runs absolutely smoothly and highly professionally.”

Christoph Albeck, Managing Director of CPH Invest in Frankfurt am Main, is not at all worried about the effects of the corona crisis on his investments in Mallorca: “Of course, the pandemic will also leave its mark on Mallorca. But the demand for holiday homes will certainly not suffer as a result – quite the opposite. Especially in times like this, holiday homes are more likely to be booked than a hotel room in a large complex.”

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