These three real estate wealth-building strategies really work

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These three real estate wealth-building strategies really work

These three real estate wealth building strategies really work: sure, there are a lot of strategies out there. But these three are great.

There are many strategies for constant wealth accumulation with real estate. These three strategies really work . This article shows why thousands of investors are making millions every year with these simple three strategies.

Who wouldn’t want to get out of the job and live life in the fast lane as an international real estate investor? We recommend the books by Gary W. Keller to these full-time real estate investors. There you will find the best strategies for building wealth in real estate explained in detail.

Here on this page we would like to present the three strategies that are most popular with our investors . Because high returns are achieved here with a passive approach: Do you love real estate and call real estate your hobby? But want the annoying things to be done by others? Then you are right with us.

Our three top strategies for building wealth with real estate are: land development, project development and fix & flip. There is also a fourth strategy: buy to let , buying a finished property to earn a monthly return. You can read more about this strategy in this post.

Strategy No. 1: Rural development as a strategy for wealth accumulation – make a lot of money with little effort in the long term

Buying plots of land for little money and leaving them: land development (from building land to luxury real estate) is best explained in this video, which we have available for you on YouTube:

from building land to luxury real estate


Strategy No. 2: Project development as a strategy for rapid and profitable wealth accumulation

Achieve 30% and more on the invested capital in a short time. This is possible with the “Project Development” real estate strategy. Project developments offer an attractive, double-digit return in a very short time (usually 12 to 15 months). Also read our article on building and selling .

Strategy No. 3: Fix & Flip as a strategy to benefit from the real estate boom with little capital investment

Real estate usually requires a mid to high six-figure capital investment. Not every investor can and wants to do this right away. Of course, with strategy two, project development, we also offer the option of financing with local banks . Nevertheless, as a rule, 200,000 to 500,000 EUR equity is required. The Fix & Flip strategy is ideal for those investors who want to invest less. Within the framework of crowdfunding , a maximum of 19 investors participate in a project. Typically on an apartment that is being renovated and sold.

Offers for the respective strategy

In our Mallorca real estate investment blog you will find suggestions for each of these three strategies. Registration for the Investment Blog is free and non-binding. So be sure to register now. Every new user gets the eBook on Mallorca real estate as a capital investment free of charge.

Don’t want to leave your money in your checking account or time deposit? Then talk to us: because as always in life, when there is something really good: many good offers do not even appear on our website. But are already sold out before publication. So if you would like to find out first-hand about current real estate projects in Mallorca, it is best to contact us right away for a personal conversation.

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