The Bahamas – Destination for International Clients

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The Bahamas – Destination for International Clients

The Bahamas stands out for its beauty. And for capital investors it’s widely considered as a safe haven. There are no restrictions on foreigners to invest in the property market. Those who invest in land valued at least USD 750,000 even qualify for permanent residency.

The Bahamas impose little tax. Rental income is taxed with a low stamp duty and what makes it interesting for property developers like us: there are no taxes on capital gains.

Freeport Bahamas is our place in the Caribbean!

Of the 700 islands that make up The Bahamas, Grand Bahama is easily one of the most charming destinations. Beyond the beautiful beaches on its south side, the elaborate and luxurious all-inclusive resorts and never-ending activities, this island is also well known for its cultural history and surroundings.

The Bahamas


There are a number of reason why we chose Grand Bahama Island instead of Nassau for our place in the Caribbean.


Location and Infrastructure

Located just 55 Nautical Miles from the coast of Florida, the Island of Grand Bahama is the most northern island in The Bahamas’ Archipelago. Although there are only 35,000 people living permanently it offers an amazing infrastructure with its 11,000 feet runway at the airport that can accommodate Boeing 747-400s (Jumbo Jets) and its 52 feet deep Container Port (which makes him the deepest Sea Water Port outside of Norfolk (VA) on the entire US East Coast.

Freeport Grand Bahama

Freeport, is regarded as the nation’s best planned city. The reason lies in the 50s of the last century when financier Wallace Grove signed the agreement with the Bahamian Government to build the City of Freeport. Freeport was designed to be exactly a “Free Port” (tax free) and Foreign Investors are encouraged to come to Grand Bahama Island through a variety of tax exemptions.

Taxes on Real Estate

The Tax Rate for Real Estate in The Bahamas normally is a 1% annually for properties worth more than USD 500,000. Our development in Freeport is exempt from this and any other tax.

residential lifestyle

Freeport Bahamas it’s known for its beaches, reef-lined coves and mangrove swamps as well for its waterfront communities, golf courses and dining. As a resident in our development you enjoy luxury lifestyle and tax advantages as there is

  • No tax on your worldwide income
  • No tax on your rental income (only small stamp duty is imposed)
  • No Tax on Capital Gains
  • No Tax on Real Estate
  • No Inheritance Tax

With a variety of cultural experiences and natural wonders, Grand Bahama Island is ideal for everything from boating, dolphin watching and eco-adventures to jeep safaris, scuba diving and bike tours. Find out what Port Lucaya Marketplace, Coral Beach and Reef Golf Course offer….



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