Take a virtual tour of the show house in Cala Pi

Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee on your balcony while gazing out over the blue Mediterranean Sea off Mallorca. Then take a dip in your own swimming pool. It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. In Cala Pi, in the south of the island, we are currently working on an attractive new building project and would like to invite you to a viewing. We have already been able to inaugurate the model house and it has met with great enthusiasm. On the very first day, two customers were so impressed that they immediately bought a unit.
The two-storey buildings are in a top location on Calle Albéniz in the immediate vicinity of the nature reserve. Your future holiday home could be built here. The property covers a total of 390 square meters — just for you. At 127 square meters, the living space is also very generous. Three double bedrooms and three bathrooms are waiting for you. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with children – there is room for everyone. The modern design inside and out will appeal to you.
Since it is a new building, you can be sure that you will find everything in the property with high-quality workmanship and the latest technology. This starts with the materials for the walls and floors and ends with details such as the sockets or the ceiling lighting. You benefit from this in several ways: on the one hand, you can enjoy your house for longer without having to carry out repairs or improvements. This saves money in the long term and above all nerves, which is particularly important on vacation. After all, you want to enjoy your time in Cala Pi. On the other hand, the property retains its value longer. So here you have the opportunity to make a truly sustainable investment.

A holiday home for the perfect Mallorca experience – now show house Cala Pi can be visited virtually

We have spared no expense or effort for you and offer you various opportunities to visit our model house virtually.

When you enter the house for the first time, you are immediately in the bright living area. Here you could spend cozy game evenings with the family in the future or prepare a delicious Spanish dinner for friends. Of course, the open kitchen is modernly equipped. Also on the ground floor there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a laundry room. So if you can’t or don’t want to climb stairs during your stay, you don’t have to.

Continue to the first floor. Here are two bedrooms and also two bathrooms. You will appreciate this especially if you are traveling as a family with young children. The morning argument about who gets to go to the bathroom first is a thing of the past. This makes the holiday more peaceful. By the way, all bathrooms have a window, which ensures good ventilation and prevents moisture problems. In all bedrooms there is enough space for comfortable double beds, so that couples can also find space in them.

One of the bedrooms has a balcony where you can get some fresh air. Thanks to the large glazed door, you can also enjoy plenty of daylight here. One of the highlights of the property awaits you in the other bedroom: you have direct access to a spacious terrace with a beautiful sea view. These wonderful views are among the top features of our homes. If you still can’t get enough of the beauty of the coast, just go up one floor. There is a roof terrace with panoramic views. At the latest when you visit our model house, you will find that the sight of the deep blue sea has a positive effect on the mood.

Enjoy Mallorca’s sun whenever you want

But you will also quickly feel at home outside of the house. The garden leaves nothing to be desired. If you are traveling by rental car, we have good news for you: each house has its own parking space. You are spared the long and often nerve-wracking search for a free parking space.

The mild and sunny Mediterranean climate is best enjoyed outside. The garden offers enough space for this. Deckchairs can easily be accommodated. So you can make yourself comfortable without leaving the house. If you feel more like eating together outside, you can also place a table with chairs here. Are you more the sporty type? How about gymnastics exercises in the fresh sea air? If you want to give the garden your personal touch, potted plants are ideal. Colorful flowers or fragrant herbs — whatever suits you.

You probably have more ideas on how you want to use your own garden. But on most visits, the first thing you’ll probably see is the swimming pool. Having your own swimming pool in the backyard is a secret dream for some people. Here it could come true. Especially for families with children, a pool is a great experience that ensures unforgettable stays on the Balearic island.

But morning swims are also ideal for anyone who wants to be physically active on holiday. It is, of course, an in-ground swimming pool. During a viewing appointment with us, you can convince yourself of its appealing design.

Virtual visit instead of an on-site inspection appointment

A house in Mallorca like this offers you many possibilities: You can use it as a holiday home for you and your loved ones. With all the comforts inside and out, you will spend exciting holidays there. But our house is also excellently suited as a second home for the twilight years.

The temperatures, which are pleasant even in winter, ensure that you will be happy to travel here all year round. And if the sun does get too hot in summer, we can reassure you: All houses have high-quality air conditioning. You don’t have to freeze either: in winter you can switch on the modern device to heat the house. Even if the text and pictures give you a first impression of our new building in Cala Pi, nothing beats seeing the property with your own eyes. This is the only way you can be sure that the house keeps everything it promises.

Unfortunately, this option is not always available for new construction projects. It is not uncommon for you to have the feeling that you have to buy a “pig in a poke”. Not so with us: Our model house is ready. It’s even fully furnished. So when you visit it, you get a very vivid impression of the dimensions and the equipment. In this way you can imagine how you will feel in your future home.

Are you curious? Or do you have any questions? Then arrange a non-binding viewing appointment with us today. This is easy to do around the clock: Simply fill out the contact form below with your data and click on “Send”. We will then get in touch with you to discuss everything else. Perhaps you will soon be standing on the panoramic terrace looking out to sea.

Model house Cala Pi

Villa Manzana I Cala Pi: this new build property in Cala Pi is a real miracle of space. Although actually a semi-detached house, which makes sense both economically (purchase price!) and ecologically (consumption of nature!), this new property has its own pool and impresses with sea views and views of nature. We have created two viewing options: virtually from the comfort of your own home and on site. Decide for yourself.

Take a virtual tour of the show house in Cala Pi

Now you can visit our new property in Cala Pi virtually. And from the comfort of your own home. See for yourself: our model house in Cala Pi is a real miracle of space. Live like in a family home. This is what this semi-detached house with its own pool offers. Our partner Ogulo has created a virtual tour for you and you can also download the plans of the house there.


Villa Manzana I - virtual tour
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