What does the ultimate modifications of the Beckham Law in Spain mean for you?

Beckham Law: Mallorca as a permanent residence

The Beckham Law (named after a British football player), also known as the Special Tax Regime for Foreign Workers, is a tax regulation in Spain aimed at attracting highly skilled professionals and investors to the country by providing them with favorable tax treatment. Under this law, foreign workers are subjected to a flat income tax … Read more

How to get your Bahamian Residency Card (Permit to reside in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas)

To apply for a Bahamian residency card, you must visit the department of Immigration. You need to present a proof of your status in the Bahamas. Attach this application with your identity documents and a valid health certificate. (see official WebSite). You will also be required to provide proof of sufficient financial means to support … Read more