RIB Club Mallorca – a meaningful membership?

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When we were completely locked down because of Corona this spring, I made a decision that I have not regretted so far: I took out a membership with Rib Club Mallorca. How does this work? Very easily. Instead of buying a boat, you buy a membership and can then easily book the boat via a smartphone app.

The boats are big enough for up to twelve people, although I have only ever sailed with a maximum of six people.

Advantage: you don’t have to worry about the shower water, the hassle of filling up the tank, or regular maintenance and care.

Disadvantage: A boat is not always available. Of course, the floors were booked up very quickly, especially after the lockdown. But it wasn’t that bad: the smartphone app also informs you at short notice when a boat becomes available. This can also be in the afternoon, for example, if another member brought the boat back earlier. In my case, we had so much to do in July anyway that we could only go out in the evenings.

Incidentally, the Rib Club is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Congratulations James on a great concept and a great team.

By the way: there are other concepts besides the Rib Club .

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