Real Estate Projects made by CPH Invest on Mallorca

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Real Estate Projects made by CPH Invest

In Mallorca we build Real Estate Projects like Villas and Fincas. Together with our partner company, Cala Pi Homes SL, we built more than one hundred Real Estate Projects in the last couple of years on Mallorca. We have a special commitment to Quality and Design when it comes to Real Estate. We’re not just Property Developers. We are Team Builder. Every project has – beside an architect – a Designer. Our Angel Investors not only give money away. They are carefully selected to contribute with their very special Know How. All this make our Real Estate Projects made by CPH Invest absolutely Dream Homes.

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More than 30 years in Real Estate makes us the number one company for your project abroad. We are the full service provider for due diligence, acquisition and investment.

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