Real estate as an investment – why building and selling is so profitable.

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Real estate as an investment – why building and selling is so profitable.

Everyone is talking about real estate. And everyone is talking about rental yields. Honestly? This can not be it!

What should a rental yield of 3% per year bring? Where’s the fun in that? Real estate as an investment should be worthwhile. Yields with a high level of security are available abroad.

Especially with Mallorca real estate, building and holding (or buy and hold ) is a pointless and interest-free waste of time and money . Why not build and then sell? At the end of the article you will find links to projects that promise returns of up to 30%!

Real estate as an investment – why building and selling is so profitable.

Building and selling is extremely profitable. But only if you do it right. Because building is unpredictable. Because building requires expertise. And daily check. You can’t do all that if you still have a full-time job as senior physician or managing director. And then also building abroad, because that’s where the higher returns are known to be.

That’s the point: where else can you find returns of 30% in Germany? Perhaps in structurally weak areas with a high risk of emigration?

The fact is: in CPH Invest’s core market, Mallorca, the returns are higher than in Germany. As a German company, we have specialized in Mallorca real estate as an investment .

So how about investing with a local partner who does the on-site work for you?

Our product partner Cala Pi Homes on Mallorca does exactly that: Cala Pi Homes offers investment opportunities in Mallorca real estate .

In the “be your own investor” program, Cala Pi Homes offers building plots with an existing building permit – tailored to the needs of the investor. With full cost control. And guaranteed completion date. This makes building and selling a profitable investment.

Build and sell: these projects attract returns of 30%

The construction of a high-quality semi-detached house with sea views in Badia Gran in the south of Palma de Mallorca is currently being offered. Here you can use one unit yourself or rent it out and sell the other for a profit. A good start in real estate as an investment. You can find more information about this project here.

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