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Participation certificate CPH Invest Cala Pi on holiday home Mallorca. The rental income benefits the investors.

Do you love Mallorca? Then this participation certificate CPH Invest Cala Pi belongs in your portfolio. You can invest in Mallorca real estate from as little as EUR 1,000 (one thousand euros!).

The participation certificate CPH Invest Cala Pi is issued by our partner 8pitch. As part of a digital round of financing, we have taken two unencumbered, just completed properties in Cala Pi which are ideal for rental. The rental income benefits the investors, who can participate from an investment sum of EUR 1,000.

It has never been so easy to participate in Mallorca real estate with a small investment amount!

What is special about this participation certificate?

This is a public offer from our partner 8pitch. You can read the details here . CPH Invest GmbH itself does not offer any public capital investments. Our core competence is raising capital as part of crowdfunding campaigns with a maximum of 20 investors , NRD secured by the land register or our own investor , with the latter program being by far our most successful investment model. That is why the special thing about this profit participation certificate is that you can invest in a publicly approved asset from a very small investment amount. With all the legal advantages that this has for you as a German investor.

You invest via the participation certificate issued under German law in Mallorca real estate as a capital investment and thus benefit from the great demand for Mallorca real estate as a holiday home. Check out this video:

Explanatory video for the Cala Pi participation certificate

Advantage digital asset investment

What is a digital asset? The FAZ wrote about it and particularly highlighted our product. You can read the article here .

More questions about investing in Mallorca real estate?

Especially in times of Corona, holiday homes are in demand like never before. Who wants to swim in a hotel pool? Find out about the possibilities. In a personal conversation. Contact me without obligation about the schedule time slot to get the current list of our investments.

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