Notary appointment in Mallorca

Notary appointment in Mallorca: what is actually to be considered?

What should actually be considered at a notary appointment in Mallorca? Preparation is everything. After all, around 10% of all notary appointments on Mallorca fail, with all the problems and costs that the parties involved then face.

You do not need to be a real estate agent or a lawyer to have a notary contract drawn up. The notaries are publicly appointed in Spain and certify the contract according to your wishes. But of course it helps a lot if you don’t go to the notary unprepared.

What does a good preparation of a notarial certification include?

Good preparation for a notary appointment in Mallorca definitely includes:

These are the things that have to go to the notary in advance. And then you should definitely build a positive relationship with the so-called “official”. Because he is the person who draws up the contract.

For example, I work with several notaries in Palma de Mallorca. This is fundamentally important. Because notaries cannot always assign every desired date. And like each person to have their strengths and weaknesses. But the Notaria D’Es Born is definitely one of my favourites. Of course, because it is very centrally located in Palma. But above all because it has extremely competent and friendly employees.

So, subjectively, my recommendation for a notary appointment in Mallorca.

Notary appointment in Mallorca with the notary in Palma
Notary appointment in Mallorca at Notaria D’Es Born in Palma de Mallorca