New build property sold with top equipment

New build property with top equipment in Cala Pi for sale.

Anyone who sees the small town of Cala Pi on the Balearic island of Mallorca will immediately start dreaming. Here the holiday starts immediately. After only 20 minutes drive from the airport. Nevertheless, the small settlement with currently around 650 inhabitants is still considered a charming insider tip . You won’t find mass tourism here.

The Cala Pi beach of the same name is located at the end of a small fjord deep in the south of Mallorca. The small bay on the lush cliffs of Llucmajor promises rest and relaxation. It never gets boring there. Numerous restaurants have settled here in recent years. For day visitors and for residents who have a holiday home here.

Cala Pi Lighthouse

The immediate area from the coast to the interior of Llucmajor offers numerous opportunities for promising activities. Extensive hikes for nature lovers in the clear, clean air are among the most popular activities. For culture lovers, the area has some beautiful sights in store.

In the small town, where friendships can be made quickly, people live in dreamlike villas and houses. Anyone who wants to can soon be a part of it. Cala Pi Homes , the local project developer, now offers a magnificent semi-detached house for sale with top quality finishes.

The new building in detail

Your whole family will feel at home in this new house with a large garden. Of course, also at the modern pool, which provides cooling on hot days. When the weather is nice, you can spend the whole day here in the clear, clean air. The idyllic location of the new property, which borders the nature reserve in Calle Falla / Calle Albeniz, promises quiet living. And keeps his promise completely!

The top equipment with a modern fitted kitchen, integrated into the dining and living area, ensures a cozy get-together. Here you can relax, read or cook delicious dishes together, have profound conversations while eating together or just have fun. Two double bedrooms on the upper floor, each with its own integrated bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as a private terrace for each room, ensure a relaxing retreat. Get in the mood for your dream home with wonderful pictures and detailed descriptions at

Newly built property with top equipment and a good price/performance ratio

The semi-detached house has an innovative, unusual design and is built from high-quality materials. The interior features bright colors and is very modern. A solar system for hot water preparation ensures an environmentally conscious way of life.

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Depending on the equipment and location, the price for this modern property starts at EUR 499,000. You can download a price list and an overview of the units still available (which are also suitable as an investment ) here .


The high-quality, recently completed semi-detached house is part of the Manzana de Cala Pi and belongs to a grouped complex of 12 semi-detached houses with pool and sea views. The units can be recognized very well via Google Street View .

The Bay

The rocky stretch of sea, 420 meters long and up to 100 meters wide, is located about 14 kilometers southwest of the town and community. At the same time, the bay forms the mouth of a torrent, which is only filled with water in heavy rain and serves as a waterfall. In the southeast and east is the settlement of Cala Pi. The hinterland to the west and north, the area of Camp des Àngels and es Sementeret is undeveloped. The Torre built in 1663 makes a name for itself as the symbol of the bay. This once served as a watchtower to protect against attacks by corsairs from North Africa.

The beach and access

The 50 meter long sandy beach extends about 125 meters into the Torrent gorge. The pine trees provide greenery on the rocky slopes of the gorge. The residents of the small village reach their beach via a staircase with 147 steps, which leads down from the settlement on the eastern rocks to the beach. If you are interested in boats or have one yourself, you will find boathouses, which are called escars here, or simple shelters for boats on the west side of the beach. On request, these berths can be rented. In the shelter of the bay, smaller boats also like to anchor to spend the day on the water.

The settlement of Cala Pi in the south of the dream island of Mallorca

Of the current population of 650 in the picturesque settlement, around 350 people live in the small settlement core. The settlement is east of the bay, perched high on a steep rocky promontory. It stretches along the coast from Torre in the west to Torrent de Sa Punta de Sa Dent in the east. Another settlement, Vallgornera, connects to the picturesque villa settlement above the bay. In a few smaller hotels, several restaurants and two small supermarkets, the life of the place takes place. Everyone knows everyone here. There is almost always time for a little chat. Foreigners, including some Germans, are mostly the owners of numerous high-quality single-family houses in the settlement.

access to the settlement

The road that starts in S’Arenal goes along the coast to Cap Blanc. From there, the main road MA-6014 initially winds inland to Capocorb Vell and from there continues to the settlement. Alternatively, the settlement can also be reached via Vallgornera.

Leisure activities in the area

The absolute top goal in Cala Pi is the hike to Torre del Cap Blanc . The route is about 11 kilometers long and flat. Good shoes are still recommended, as it always goes along the coast over rocks. The destination, the Cap Blanc lighthouse, can be reached in 2 to 3 hours. A less involved walk is to the Torre de S’Estalella . Of course, this hike also belongs in the excursion program of a holiday in Cala Pi. The clear water in the bay invites you to extensive snorkeling trips. Special feature for courageous contemporaries: the cave, which can be explored both from the water and from land. In other times, pirates landed there to unload their goods.

Those who don’t mind high waves can explore the area from the water on a boat tour. From a distance, the view of the town, bay and beach is at its most beautiful. You can also see more and more sporty climbers bravely shimmying down the rocks using ropes.

Three other sights very close by:

Wineries Vi Rei:
On this winery near Cap Blanc with winery, guests experience wine tasting behind old walls. The friendly service is appreciated by many visitors.

Talaiots of Capocorb Vell:
The old excavation site at Capocorb Vell shows a historic Majorcan settlement worth seeing with the remains of an old tower clearly visible. Here the visitor can see how the natives of the island of Mallorca built and lived. Those who come here once often come a second time. Many refer to this place as a cultural delight.

Cabrera National Park:
The Parc Nacional includes rocky landscapes for hiking and clean natural beaches for swimming. The highlight of the Parc National de Cabrera is the blue grotto, a magnet for enthusiastic swimmers.

Regardless of whether you want to use the modern designed house for vacation or whether you want to be the center of your life with your family: the area around Cala Pi offers a lot of variety. Relaxing peace and small adventures can be combined very well here. You can arrange a viewing online here.

Inspection of the model house

Interested parties can visit our model house all year round: online with a virtual tour or in the classic way with an appointment on site. You can find more information here.