Mallorca finca destroyed by Christian Völkers – problems with reconstruction

Mallorca finca destroyed by Christian Völkers:
Terrible news for real estate entrepreneur Christian Völkers (Engel & Völkers): his beautiful finca in Port des Canonge has been completely destroyed. It was more than a normal storm last Saturday in Mallorca. Dramatic scenes took place on the north coast of Mallorca.

Here on the Costa Nord, Christian Völkers’ finca was totally destroyed. The entire area was declared a disaster area. But the shocking news came: the reconstruction is not being supported by any government agency! How much does the reconstruction cost? And is it even possible? After all, the building regulations in the region, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, have become even stricter! Investors who want to invest here need a big wallet, good contacts and enough time. Nothing happens quickly here in rural Mallorca.

Wie kam es zur Zerstörung der Mallorca Finca von Christian Völkers?

At the end of summer, similar weather phenomena occur throughout the Mediterranean region. When there is low pressure, a hurricane forms spontaneously on the water. It’s called Cap des Fibló in mallorquín. Here’s a photo of the Cap des Fibló in Alcudia, where luckily it didn’t cause any damage. In the case of Port des Canonge, the municipality where the Völkers finca is located, two different tornadoes hit the coast. With devastating consequences for the entire town.

Video von der Finca nach dem Unwetter 

Finca destroyed by Christian Völkers

Finca Son Coll on Mallorca is known for the annual polo games, which are always attended by a large number of celebrities. Thanks to Corona , nobody was on the finca this year.

Mallorca Finca von Christian Völkers war im Auge von gleich zwei Wirbelstürmen

The drama happened last Saturday when two hurricanes from the sea rushed towards the coast, right towards Christian Völkers’ Mallorca finca. It was all over in 20 minutes and Christian Völkers’ Mallorca finca was destroyed.

I was able to determine the extent of the damage myself yesterday. I went for a mountain bike tour with a good friend. It goes from Esporlas to the north coast. But shortly before a downhill it was over.
The disaster area had been cordoned off by the police.

The local police have cordoned off Port des Canonge

The video below was taken by a motorist who was there at the time of the tornado.