24 units in La Manzana de Cala Pi. All units with own pool and sea views fully sold

La Manzana de Cala Pi is a real estate development of 24 semi-detached houses with own pool in Cala Pi, Mallorca.

We started that project in 2018 and raised money from private investors.

On a south-facing building lot with sea views in Cala Pi, Mallorca, we developed “La Manzana de Cala Pi”.

Every semi-detached holiday home comes with its own pool and features three bedrooms and three bathrooms. After market research we found that this layout were ideal for families. These holiday homes are popular because they offer privacy, space and a range of amenities that can make a holiday that much more enjoyable.

The semi-detached aspect of the properties means that guests can enjoy their own private space. But they still have the option to socialize and spend time with their neighbors. This is perfect for buyers who want to spend time together but also value their own space.

Every holiday home came with its own private pool

A private pool is a major advantage of these types of holiday homes. It provides guests with an exclusive space to unwind and cool off during the hot summer months. Having a pool also means that guests don’t have to worry about sharing facilities with other people, which can be a common issue in hotels and other types of accommodations.

Every house came with three bedroooms and three bathroom

Three bedrooms and three bathrooms is just the perfect layout, even for small families. More and more people work from home. So this layout provides guests with the space and privacy they need to truly relax. Whether traveling with family or friends, having enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone ensures that everyone can enjoy their own personal space while still being able to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

In conclusion, semi-detached holiday homes with their own pool and three bedrooms and three bathrooms are an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing vacation experience. Offering privacy, space, and exclusive facilities, these types of properties provide guests with everything they need to truly unwind and make the most of their holiday.

See this video and you understand why sales prices have tripled so far

In the meantime, house prices in La Manzana de Cala Pi had tripled so far. There is a waiting list for buyers. No unit is offered on the market.

Our local company Cala Pi Homes SL acted as the developer. All units were easily sold to buyers mainly from Germany which find in our Homes exactly the product they were looking for.

Pictures from Mallorca: La Manzana de Cala Pi