Finanzkontor Mallorca becomes CPH Invest GmbH

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Finanzkontor Mallorca becomes CPH Invest

Finanzkontor Mallorca becomes CPH Invest

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Finanzkontor Mallorca becomes CPH Invest GmbH. After around 18 years on the market, Finanzkontor Mallorca has ended its consulting activities. Of course, customers of Finanzkontor Mallorca are not left alone. But now managed by CPH Invest GmbH . From Germany, this simply makes more sense for people residing in Germany. After all, most of our customers’ questions revolve around questions about Germany / Spain.

Finanzkontor Mallorca was founded in 2001 by Christoph Albeck with the aim of offering competent and affordable real estate financing in Spain . Soon the subject of property development activity (from 2004 Mallorca real estate was offered) and tax advice for real estate owners in Mallorca came up .

For many years, Finanzkontor Mallorca was the only business consultancy on Mallorca that combined Mallorca real estate with the principles of good investment.

Finanzkontor Mallorca becomes CPH Invest GmbH – what will change for customers?

What is changing for customers? CPH Invest focuses on clients who want to make money with their Mallorca property. People who are looking for added value. Also see Mallorca real estate as an investment. Nothing will change for existing customers. But for new customers, CPH Invest improves their access to the real estate market in Mallorca. Because you no longer have tax liability in Spain through us. This has deterred more and more customers in recent years, as you can read here .

Of course we are still there for you. But with a new, more modern focus:

In the last two years, the trend has been away from financial advice towards an integrated range of concrete solutions. Concrete solutions for property owners in Mallorca. And more and more customers want investment opportunities that are comprehensible in terms of content.

  • for this they need an overview of interesting objects.
  • in the monthly cycle.
  • attractive crowdfunding projects .

Because now is the right time to invest in Mallorca real estate!

80% of property buyers in Mallorca want their property to be used economically . At CPH Invest GmbH, we are now going one step further: a comprehensible investment product that has been optimized for the German taxpayer.

CPH Invest GmbH: we are the financial professionals for an optimal real estate investment in Mallorca.

We. These are Hanno Strack and Christoph Albeck, the managing directors of CPH Invest GmbH.

After many years of working for banks and large real estate agents as well as property developers, we have found that the right property is not found that quickly. Sure, there are a large number of real estate agents in Mallorca. But are these offers also good as an investment? How can I get the same property without paying the enormous surcharge for marketing (up to seven percent of the purchase price!)? Experienced investors know: the profit lies in the purchase.

When buying a property in Mallorca, investors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are faced with a number of questions, the correct answer to which will determine the success or failure of this investment.

Mallorca real estate as an investment

Gone are the days when the finca on Mallorca was bought just for fun. With purchase prices of half a million euros and more, buying a Mallorca property is an investment that needs to be well considered. Over 80% of all buyers see their Mallorca property as a sensible capital investment.

It is precisely for this target group that we are looking for the right properties. And only properties that promise an interesting return in terms of their location and quality as well as in terms of price. In order to identify really interesting objects, we maintain regular and intensive contact with banks and insolvency administrators. And form these investment opportunities through CPH Invest GmbH as a German investment product. With CPH Invest GmbH you can invest directly and via crowdfunding in Mallorca real estate .

A Mallorca property is a safe and profitable investment, especially if it was bought cheaply, which will bring you joy and quality of life for years to come. And, with the right rental, there is also the possibility of a really good interest rate!

What are the investment opportunities at CPH Invest?

The opportunities to invest through CPH are diverse and are determined by the basic question:

How much money are you willing to invest?

Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to invest in Mallorca real estate with small amounts. Read this post to find the best product for you.

What advantages does CPH INVEST offer you over Finanzkontor Mallorca?

With CPH Invest GmbH you solve the question of the optimal tax structure of a foreign investment. In contrast to the Spanish Finanzkontor Mallorca, you are dealing with a German GmbH at CPH Invest. German seat, German treaties.

The only question that remains is the optimal investment amount: do you invest directly in the property or would you rather invest your money on the island via crowdfunding?

  • If you prefer to invest directly you should read this article: Taxes on Mallorca real estate . It tells you how you are taxed in Spain and why you need a Spanish tax identification number (NIF). As your own direct investor, it is advisable not to make decisions based on gut instinct, but to think through the entire life cycle of your investment. From purchase to sale and the subsequent use of profits. The partners of CPH Invest GmbH are the right contact for this.
  • If you prefer to invest together with professionals, you can participate in our real estate projects. You then benefit from the opportunities on Mallorca without having to become an expert yourself. You also have other advantages: You do not need a Spanish tax number and therefore do not have to deal with the Spanish internals and traps of the Spanish tax system. Because when you invest with us, your interest and profits accrue in Germany. In addition – and this is an additional advantage – if you participate in our construction work, you can usually get your money back much more quickly. Because we offer different maturities for investors. The short and medium maturities are most popular with our investors.


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