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CPH Invest – Real Estate Development and Investment. CPH Invest GmbH is a German Real Estate Developer and Investment Company with offices in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Freeport, The Bahamas. Unlike other Real Estate companies we develop and invest in small but exclusive Residential Communities for High net worth clients. We build Luxury Residential Properties in first class touristic areas on Mallorca, Spain and Freeport, The Bahamas. Our core competence is the niche market where bigger developers and investment companies can’t offer solutions: Excellent money for value and returns for the highly individual demand from Clients and Private Investors.

Operating in an island environment with closed local communities, strict regulation, high environmental standards and demands, CPH Invest is well equipped to exploit this expertise in Mallorca and Grand Bahama Island where we identified similar trading patterns.

Mallorca – Destination for European Clients

Located within 2hrs Flight from all major European cities, Mallorca is the Top Destination for European clients who are looking for a holiday home. With our local partner Cala Pi Homes Real Estate Development and Investment is made easy: come and see our luxury homes and projects in a radius of approx. 20 miles from the Airport of Palma de Mallorca. read more….

Mallorca Real Estate Development and Investment

The Bahamas – Destination for International Clients

Located just 55 Nautical Miles from the coast of Florida, the Island of Grand Bahama is the most northern island in The Bahamas’ Archipelago. Grand Bahama is the second most populous island in The Bahamas and its major city, Freeport, is regarded as the nation’s best planned city. It’s known for its beaches, reef-lined coves and mangrove swamps as well for its waterfront communities, golf courses and dining. With a variety of cultural experiences and natural wonders, Grand Bahama Island is ideal for everything from boating, dolphin watching and eco-adventures to jeep safaris, scuba diving and bike tours. Steininger Island is meant to be the number one Real Estate Development and Investment Project on this beautiful island. read more…

The Bahamas Real Estate Development and Investment

How to invest

CPH Invest is unique in developing their Residential Properties together with Private Investors who are looking for a reliable and enduring relationship. Real Estate Development and Investment there you can enjoy watching the project come together, from start to finish, all the way to completion. read more…

Working with Private Investors only – No Banks.

About Us

Christoph Albeck and Hanno Strack are the Founders and Managing Directors of CPH Invest. Having successfully planned, built and exited/sold hundreds of Residential Properties over the course of the last couple of years, they currently oversee the development of further 30 individual residential Real Estate Projects (mainly single home villas). Real Estate Development and Investment in a trusting partnership.
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Founders of CPH Invest GmbH

Hanno Strack and Christoph Albeck

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