Bridge financing in Spain

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Bridge financing in Spain does NOT mean the construction of a traffic route over water. But a so-called bridge loan , short-term interim financing.

There are many reasons for bridging financing. The most common are: buying a new property even though the old property has not yet been sold. The purchase of a plot of land up to follow-up financing through a bank . Raising capital to pay off heirs. And often also the taking of funds to pay for a renovation before the sale.

Optimal use of bridge financing in Spain

Bridge financing is more expensive than normal real estate financing . That’s why you shouldn’t run for more than two years. The funds often come from private investors who receive security on the property in return. The interest is between 5% and 10% per year. Especially when it comes to crowdfunding on Mallorca , we are talking about short terms. Crowdfunding campaigns create a win-win situation for both the borrower and the lender.

There is no alternative for the borrower: either he does not invest or he pays exceptionally high interest rates for a short term.

For the lender there is a high interest rate with a short term and security on the ground.

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Are you an investor and would like to earn good money with bridge financing? Then talk to me. Are you a property owner and would like to finance a project in the short term? Then send me an email with the key data of the planned operation.



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