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Steininger Island: Bahamas Real Estate made by CPH Invest

Together with our architect Martin Steininger we build STEININGER ISLAND. A gated community on its own island. But connected with a bridge to Grand Bahama Island, known for its beauty, infrastructure and upper luxury lifestyle.

The Bahamas Real Estate Market is one of the strongest in the Caribbean. The Bahamas, independent since 1973, are still part of the British Commonwealth. That’s perhaps one of the main reasons for international Buyers to invest in Real Estate there. Beside the country’s stable economy there is another good reason to buy a property in the Bahamas: there are attractive tax advantages. That is one of the main reasons for European Buyers to establish their tax residency in The Bahamas. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property and with an investment of 750.000 USD you qualify for a homeowner’s residency card.

  • Interesting fact is that the Bahamas is one of the oldest democracies en the Americas: there is a constitutional democrazy for over 250 years!
  • Bahamas impose little tax. No taxes on rental income, capital gains and other sources of income. No inheritance tax.
  • Beside Tourism the most important sector is Finance.

Trends in the Bahamian Real Estate Market

Forbes (follow this link) considers the Bahamian Real Estate market to be sold out due to its strong recovery after Covid. They see the tendency for buyers to opt for pre-construction or pre-completion offerings due to a lack of available inventory. Especially than Hanno and myself came first to Grand Bahama Island in December 2020 we saw so many opportunities. After thorough research which meant a lot of traveling (the archipelago of the Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and so-called Cays) we finally decided to invest in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Why Grand Bahama Island is the best place to invest right now

When it comes to Real Estate, you always can hear that location is crucial. That’s why global investors invest in places like Manhattan. London, Singapore. Safety is one of the biggest concerns of international real estate investors. But the next point on the list is return on investment. So that’s the reason why we chose Freeport instead of Nassau.

Freeport has so many advantages:

  • It’s just 55 nautical miles east of Florida. It’s a twenty minute flight. You may even do the crossing with a boat. A lot of my friends in Freeport go over by Boat. Or take a private flight which is so conveniant.
  • Grand Bahama is famous for the Lucayan National Park, a lush pine forest and extensive underwater cave system to a pristine beach.
  • There is a good infrastructure thanks to Tourism on the island and a international Container and Cruise Ship Port.

City of Freeport means tax free Port

In 1955 fi nancier Wallace Grove signed the agreement with the Bahamian government to build the City of Freeport. He created the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and started the development: infrastructure, roads, canals.

GBPA was granted quasi-governmental authority in 1955 by the Bahamian government for 99 years. Freeport was designed to be exactly a “free port“ (tax free). Foreign investors are encouraged to come to Grand Bahama Island through a variety of tax exemptions (no real estate tax, no import duty, no vat for company use in the port-bonded area etc.)

Lucaya: the place to be in Freeport

Lucaya is the place to be in Freeport. It’s known for the beach, the harbor (a superyacht marina will be build soon), the upscale hotels and Restaurants.

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