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Here I introduce you to attractive alternatives to fixed-term deposits. Earn 5% to 10% through real estate financing in Mallorca. What sounds crazy at first glance is actually a pretty smart way to regularly generate high income from capital assets.

First, watch this short video.

Real estate as an attractive alternative to fixed-term deposits

A fixed deposit is legally secured up to an amount of EUR 100,000. Find out the details here . More security is probably not possible. But it is important to know that this sum is only guaranteed for six months. And that there is no common deposit guarantee system in the EU.

Mortgage charges are an attractive alternative to fixed-term deposits. This is where the ground sticks. And unlike currencies, it cannot be diluted by inflation, for example. Lots of clever people have already thought about land. You can read more about this in this article.

Make money with real estate crowdfunding

Our crowdfunding in Mallorca real estate is an exciting opportunity to participate in the opportunities of the real estate market. And as an investor. Unlike in Germany, in Spain we can secure loans from investors first. Since we finance independently of banks .

Make money with P2P financing

Would you like to be the sole investor in the land register? Then P2P financing is interesting for you; click on the following link to start our configurator. Start configurator

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