CPH Invest – from Building Land to Luxury Real Estate

CPH INVEST leverages the potential for real estate investors to yield superior returns by transforming raw land into high-end luxury properties.

On this Website you see our Real Estate Projects where you can create wealth by buying vacant land and building luxury real estate together with us.

CPH Invest has been revolutionizing the real estate industry since 2001 when its founding members first entered the field. 
After starting their careers as Bankers and Realtors, they were quick to realize that this wasn't the path for them.

Hence, they founded CPH Invest, which has since purchased numerous plots and erected many luxurious villas.

Our track record proves our success in this regard.

Furthermore, we've also opened opportunities for private investors to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership.
We build wealth together and help our communities to grow.

Building Land

Untapped riches can be found in the practice of land flipping, where we purchase plots of land and erect buildings on them. Through over a hundred successful ventures, we have achieved an impressive total combined return of 24.8% within a mere 24 months for each project. Our client base of ten thousand accredited investors are actively participating with us, purchasing undeveloped land and working alongside us to realize their building dreams. Our operations currently span across The Bahamas and Mallorca, Spain.

Luxury Real Estate

Despite the ongoing crisis, the upscale segment of the real estate industry remains unscathed. In fact, it’s the contrary – while the overall housing market is witnessing a slowdown, the demand for luxurious properties continues to soar, leading to an upward trajectory in prices. Two regions where this trend is especially evident are the Bahamas and Mallorca, where annual price hikes of 10% have been recorded. To learn more about the state of real estate in these areas, check out our blog posts on Mallorca and the Bahamas.

Unlocking higher returns in Real Estate

If you are looking for the finest ways to invest some money in the world of real estate, then building land and luxury properties are the best choices for you. There are three effective ways of building wealth through investing:

  1. Join our project as an equity investor
  2. Enjoy the benefits of a lucrative mortgage secured loan with high interest rate.
  3. Be your own investor. But let us do the work and we jointly participate once we do the exit together.
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Real Estate

More than 30 years in Real Estate makes us the number one company for your project abroad. We are the full service provider for due diligence, acquisition and investment.

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